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IFLR1000 2023
IFLR1000 2023において、当事務所は以下の分野において高い評価を受け、また、その分野におけるLeading Lawyerとして当事務所の弁護士が多数選ばれました。

Banking (Tier 1)
Capital Markets - Debt (Tier 1)
Capital Markets - Equity (Tier 1)
Capital Markets - Structured Finance and Securitisation (Tier 1)
M&A (Tier 1)
Private equity (Tier 1)
Project Development (Tier 1)
Project Finance (Tier 1)

■Leading Lawyers
進藤 功 (Capital markets : Structured finance and securitisation)
中野 春芽 (Practice areas - Capital markets : Structured finance and securitisation, REIT, Industry sectors - Financial services, Real estate)
宮野 勉 (Capital markets, Private equity, M&A)
増田 健一 (Practice areas - Private equity, M&A, Industry sectors - Real estate)
赤羽 貴 (Banking)
高橋 宏明 (Practice areas - Capital markets : Structured finance and securitisation, Industry sectors - Energy, Real estate, Mining)
柴田 弘典 (Capital markets : Equity)
小馬瀬 篤史 (Capital markets : Debt and Equity)
小舘 浩樹 (M&A)
小林 穣 (Capital markets : Debt)
廣瀬 卓生 (Capital markets : Debt and Equity)
髙橋 玲路 (Project development, Project finance)
檀 柔正 (M&A)
金子 圭子 (M&A)
吉井 一浩 (Capital markets : Equity, M&A)
山神 理 (Private Equity, M&A)
井上 聡 (Banking, Capital markets : Structured finance and securitisation)
若林 剛 (M&A)
黒田 康之 (Capital markets : Debt and Equity)
出張 智己 (Practice areas - Banking, M&A, Industry sectors - Insurance)
武内 則史 (Practice areas - Project finance, Industry sectors - Energy, Real estate)
伊藤 麻里 (Banking and finance)
田中 勇気 (M&A)
安藤 紘人 (Capital markets : Equity, M&A)
横井 邦洋 (Project Development, Project finance)
琴浦 諒 (M&A)
舩越 輝 (Capital markets : Debt and Equity, M&A, Real estate acquisitions, REIT)
白川 もえぎ (Capital markets : Debt and Equity)
竹岡 真太郎 (Capital markets : Equity, M&A)
西村 綱木 (Capital markets : Equity, M&A)
行村 洋一郎 (M&A)
幸丸 雄紀 (Banking and finance)
岡 知敬 (Practice areas - Capital markets : Equity, M&A, REIT, Industry sectors - Real estate)
谷本 大輔 (Capital markets : Debt)
楽 楽 (Private equity, M&A)
新城 友哉 (Private equity, M&A)
平川 修 (Capital markets, M&A)
北澤 正明 (Capital markets, Banking, Private equity, M&A)