International Practice


The Mexican market is important to Japanese companies, and our firm has supported Japanese company efforts in Mexico for many years. Our firm can provide Japanese clients with prompt and effective legal services on Mexican matters through our extensive cooperative relationships with many leading law firms in Mexico. We handle a wide range of Mexican practice areas for Japanese companies, including support for M&A transactions targeting local companies in Mexico, and establishment and operation of joint ventures between Japanese and Mexican companies. We also can advise and assist with compliance matters in labor, anti-corruption law, antitrust law, and misconduct, among others.


In addition, for our Mexican-based clients, we provide assistance for their transactions with Japanese companies.


Our team of lawyers has in-depth practical knowledge about Mexican culture and legal practice.


(Related Practice Areas)

  • M&A, Joint Venture, Exit Strategies
  • Compliance
  • Antitrust
  • Labor and Employment
  • International Trade and Distribution
  • Intellectual Property
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Tax
International Practice