The banking industry is facing a range of challenges arising from the current economic environment, the emerging FinTech industry, increased consumer expectations, and regulatory pressures. Our legal services cover the latest in competitive banking operations, while continuing to provide advice on various traditional banking transactions including asset securitization and legal regulations imposed on the banking sector. AMT has a proven track record of providing top tier banking and commercial advice and maintains an acute awareness of emerging trends in the banking industry to ensure our clients receive the best possible advice.


AMT's securities experts provide comprehensive advice on the legal issues faced by participants in all aspects of the securities industry in both in-bound and out-bound Japan-related transactions. Our practice has its foundation in traditional domestic and global equity and debt offerings, but also encompasses the latest market innovations, including crowdfunding and rights offerings. We represent players in all aspects of the securities industry, and the background of our attorneys gives us powerful insight into client needs and the practices of the Japanese markets.


The insurance industry is currently facing various challenges arising from an aging society, the economic environment, customer expectations and relevant regulatory authorities. AMT's insurance experts provide comprehensive advice on the legal issues faced by insurance and reinsurance entities both in Japan and abroad. Importantly, the background of our team members enables them to provide guidance based on the perspective of the relevant regulatory authorities, addressing practical issues such as licensing, products, compliance and insurance incidents. In addition, we provide high quality, one-stop legal services in various insurance-related areas, including insurance industry restructurings, tax treatment and dispute resolution. We also have extensive experience assisting Japanese insurance companies in effectively developing their international market presence.


Trust banks and trust companies are expanding and diversifying operations to shift focus away from traditional trust services to the administration and management of highly diversified asset portfolios. Consequently, trust banks are reorganizing and restructuring their businesses, with overseas companies launching new trust banks and trust companies in Japan. The Japanese market is witnessing the development of complex structured corporate finance transactions, as well as novel asset management products tailored for individual inheritances, such as civil trusts. Drawing upon its deep experience with trust matters, AMT advises both domestic and overseas trust business clients to facilitate a smooth transition into the evolving business and regulatory environment.

Private Equity Fund

AMT has extensive experience successfully supporting clients with private equity investment-related activities. Our services cover a broad spectrum of issues, including fund formation, investment in funds, compliance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan, tender offers (TOB, Take-over Bid) and squeeze-out transactions, investment in listed and unlisted companies through LBO (Leveraged Buyout) financing, exit planning including IPO, and enhancement of corporate value and governance reforms of investee companies.

Asset Management

In order to meet increasingly diverse clients' needs under the current Japanese monetary relaxation and low-interest rate policies, asset management companies are expected to offer not only traditional investment options but also products using various investment strategies, such as alternative investment and passive management strategies. AMT provides both overseas and domestic clients with a wide range of legal services relating to, among others, financial regulatory issues facing the diversifying asset management business in general, documentation, and acquisition of licenses and approvals.

Other Finance Industries

Non-banks, credit card companies, bank agents, financial instruments intermediary service providers, commodity futures transactions dealers, credit rating agencies and other financial services providers are AMT's one of focuses with the top-tier level knowledge and experience. AMT has advised on a range of matters including licensing procedures and responses to regulatory requirements, development of new businesses, and approaches to financial transactions, among other issues. We continue to provide cutting-edge legal services to fund transfer business operators, issuers of prepaid payment instruments, virtual currency exchange service providers and other FinTech business clients.

Real Estate and REIT

There has been a recent influx of domestic investment into REITs and real estate due to high domestic returns and continuing low-interest rates. In addition, real estate transactions have been supported by the strong development of new hotels targeting the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games. AMT has provided high level and commercially practical legal services in the fields of real estate securitization projects involving a wide variety of investment structures, setting-up of real investment funds (including listed REITs) and fund–raising (including public offering), in addition to traditional real estate related legal services (such as sales and purchase, lease and real estate development).

Energy and Natural Resources

The energy and natural resources sector has experienced considerable growth over the past several years due to increased demand for natural resources and expansion of the renewable energy industry. Likewise, vast changes have occurred to applicable laws, regulations and transaction methods, with a range of new businesses emerging in this sector. These changes have resulted in complex legal considerations, with accurate and experienced advice being pivotal to success in this industry. AMT has a proven global track record in this sector, having provided a range of extensive high-level advice to both domestic and international clients. Specifically, AMT provides support for contract drafting related to investment transactions, project financing, construction, operation and management of various related projects, among others.

Transportation and Logistics

Globalization, regulatory easing and retail industry innovations have significantly impacted the Japanese transport and logistics industry, which is undergoing not only structural changes but also industry-wide reorganization and M&A transactions. This is particularly relevant in the maritime, freight forwarding, airline, railway and warehousing sectors. AMT's team of experienced practitioners understands the forces that drive these changes. We deliver targeted legal and regulatory advice on management strategies, antitrust issues, labor law, both overseas and domestic M&A, and reorganization transactions.

Telecommunication, Media, and Entertainment

Rapid developments in technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) have drastically transformed the industry, spawning an increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment. In response, the Japanese TMT industry has experienced a growing number of M&A and reorganization transactions. AMT's advisors stay abreast of developing technology and provide up to date counsel on legal and regulatory requirements affecting the TMT industry. We advise our telecom, media broadcasting and entertainment clients on management strategies, business collaborations, both domestic and overseas M&A, and reorganization transactions.

IT, Internet and Security

IT, software, systems development, and information-processing services are becoming increasingly significant in a modern commercial environment. The "Internet of Things" has seen IT advancements allow remote internet connection with home security systems, automobiles and home electronics and appliances, exposing them to the risk of malware attacks and other sophisticated intrusive software. This, in turn, has led to the rapid emergence and development of the internet security industry. Our IT professionals utilize their tech experience to deliver cutting-edge legal services to our clients in this industry.

Medical, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Life Science and Biotechnology

The health care, pharmaceutical, life science and bio-industries continue to develop at breathtaking speed in areas such as regenerative medicine. Our team of experts, including scientific specialists, stays abreast on the latest developments in these industries. Employing this industry expertise, we not only advise on IP and pharmaceutical regulatory issues but also handle M&A, corporate and finance transactions for our clients, including related employment and dispute resolution matters.


The growing popularity of team sports in Japan, like soccer and rugby, as well as the upcoming Summer Olympic Games and Rugby World Cup have led to the rapid expansion of the Japanese sports industry. Our sports industry attorneys utilize their extensive experience to represent a broad range of stakeholders, including sports associations, athletic clubs, athletes and sponsors. In addition to preparing, reviewing and negotiating both English and Japanese contracts for international and domestic deals, we also advise on regulatory compliance, IP and governance matters.

Automotive, Ship and Machinery

The automotive industry is experiencing new and exciting developments due to revolutionary advancements in automated driving and internet and AI-connected vehicles. By contrast, Japan's shipbuilding industry is facing substantial competition and has had to restructure as a result. Meanwhile, the machine industry is experiencing almost daily developments in heavy industry, construction and agricultural machinery, machine tools, aviation and space technology. AMT's globally minded team of industry specialists apply their vast knowledge and understanding of the market structure, business practices and legal systems specific to these industries, to counsel companies both domestically and abroad.


Responding to global fluctuations in supply and demand, the chemical industry's structure is undergoing substantial change. Chemical manufacturers are accelerating entry into cutting edge product and research areas, including advanced areas that generate added value. Utilizing our considerable knowledge and understanding of the chemical industry's traits and market structure, AMT's team provides high level advice to both domestic and international chemical manufacturing clients with specialized legal counsel among all relevant areas, including M&A, restructuring, antitrust and IP matters.


The paper industry supplies a range of commercial areas including newsprint, printing, and communication, among others. AMT represents both domestic and overseas companies engaged in the manufacturing, processing, packaging and sale of paper, paperboards and pulp. We counsel on compliance matters, provide legal support for the formulation of management strategies, business globalization, corporate restructuring and M&A, and help to resolve related international business disputes.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage companies have been aggressively entering both overseas and domestic markets due to the expansion of retail markets in emerging countries, accelerating industry reorganization and tourism growth in Japan. Concurrently, food and beverage companies are challenged by increasingly stringent and complex food safety and labeling laws and regulations. AMT's F&B team counsels both wholesale and retail food and beverage clients, on topics covering every phase of their supply chain, from manufacture using raw ingredients, to distribution and sales at the retail level.

Brand and Apparel

The fashion and apparel industries face both old and new legal challenges including brand protection, parallel imports, discount pricing and internet competition. AMT's legal specialists handle cross-border joint venture and M&A transactions for our fashion and apparel industry clients, and provide top-tier advice on license and distribution agreements, distribution transaction regulations, counterfeit products and infringement of trademark and design rights.


The steel and metal industries confront worldwide challenges stemming from corporate reorganizations and increased production from emerging countries. In response, technologically skilled Japanese steel and metal manufacturers increasingly seek strategic alliances with overseas and domestic manufacturers. Employing our deep understanding of the characteristics and market structure of these global industries, AMT's attorneys support our steel and metal manufacturing clients with services comprising a wide variety of fields such as M&A, reorganization, antitrust and intellectual property.

Electronics and Equipment

Recent manufacturing sector changes have seen a substantial shift in traditional market leadership. As a result, manufacturers are increasingly adopting a "selection and concentration" strategy, particularly those in the information and communications equipment, electronic components and devices and IT systems sectors. Manufacturers, especially those with operations in emerging markets, are aggressively restructuring their business operations to continually strengthen their cost advantages. AMT's advisors help both domestic and overseas manufacturers realize their objectives, by delivering top-tier M&A, corporate law, intellectual property and antitrust issues legal services.

Consumer Product, Retail, and Trading

The Japanese retail industry faces complex legal issues as distribution channels continually diversify. Retail products are developing an international presence in an increasingly globalized industry. Japanese trading houses are effectively leading a wide range of businesses through investment, trading and service. AMT's team has extensive knowledge of the characteristics, business practices and laws and regulations of the business areas of these industries. Our skilled professionals support our retail clients on a broad range of matters, including overseas and Japanese investment and alliance projects, as well as international business operations.

Construction and Infrastructure

Infrastructure businesses in Japan are transitioning from a building and development model to one more predominantly focused on maintenance and operation. This transition is a by-product of the high infrastructure growth period from the 1950s to the 1970s which has resulted in a strong current demand for the renewal of such ageing infrastructure facilities. The Japanese government has been reluctant to directly finance such renewal which has meant greater government support of the operation and renewal of infrastructure. Such projects are established with the help of private sector companies including the growing utilization of PPP (Public Private Partnerships. The Japanese government is also implementing an initiative to package and export Japan's infrastructure technologies to overseas markets in which construction, civil engineering, development and operation of infrastructure will be carried out by Japanese companies. These developments in the Japanese infrastructure sector provide excellent business opportunities for our clients, while at the same time requiring our clients to obtain appropriate legal advice in this evolving area. AMT provides a wide range of legal services for domestic and overseas infrastructure projects. We support contract drafting for development and construction projects and resolution of related disputes. Likewise, we advise on financing for investments in infrastructure projects, on governmental regulations related to public procurement and on structuring of PPP.

Hospitality and Gaming

The Japanese government considers the hotel, leisure and gaming market to be a pillar of regional revitalization and a "trump card" to successfully achieve its growth strategy. These industries are currently undergoing dramatic transformation of consumer, market and business models. New forms of business have emerged, such as private lodging services (minpaku) and ride-sharing. Progress is also being made in authorizing the building and operation of IR ("Integrated Resorts" including casinos. Increasingly, Japanese companies are expanding their businesses to include overseas markets, resulting in a heightened need for prompt, expert, local legal services. AMT's team of professionals fully supports our clients in these industries across a range of areas, including M&A and asset acquisition transactions, and advises on management and labor strategies and operations.

Education and HR

The education industry is implementing various reforms to address the critical problems posed by the declining population and birthrate in Japan. These include the consolidation and abolishment of academic organizations, as well as the collaboration between industry and academia. The temporary staffing and job-placement industries are expanding their business to meet the challenges of the current economic environment. AMT represents educational organizations and human resource staffing agencies, providing them with comprehensive legal advice and support based on a high level of international legal knowledge and experience. We utilize a multi-disciplinary approach that considers potential issues in relevant legal fields including labor, intellectual property and M&A.

Government and Public Sector

The Japanese government, local municipalities and public agencies ("Public Sector Entities") now need to implement various new initiatives, including formation of alliances with private sector due to social structure changes such as an aging population and financial deterioration thereof in recent years. In addition, globalization has resulted in an increasing number of the Public Sector Entities entering into contractual relationships with parties overseas. Growing awareness of legal compliance also requires the Public Sector Entities to receive support from legal specialists such as attorneys. AMT has a wealth of experience providing legal support and advice on PPP (public-private partnership) matters including PFI (Private Finance Initiative), concession and IR (casino law). We also provide advice on cross-border issues by leveraging our global experience, network of overseas branches and coordination with other prominent international law firms. AMT's specialist attorneys have expertise in laws and regulations specific to matters relating to the Public Sector Entities, enabling us to provide high-level advice on complex legal issues in this area.