Positions at Offices in Japan (Tokyo)

Non-Japan Qualified Associate Positions

Anderson Mori & Tomotsune ("AMT") hires non-Japan qualified attorneys to work as "Non-Japan Qualified Associates" ("NJQ-Associates") in our Tokyo office. Typically, NJQ-Associates have been admitted to practice in their home jurisdictions for a minimum of two years, and wish to add a Japanese component to their professional experience. NJQ-Associates have come to us from numerous jurisdictions including Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Mainland China, the Netherlands, Singapore, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Vietnam.

NJQ-Associates are offered exposure to a broad range of international transactions in a rather unusual context. In many cases, these call into play the NJQ-Associates' expertise in the law of his/her home jurisdiction; while in others, home jurisdiction law is not in issue, but advanced drafting and analytical skills are required.

(It is important to note that Japanese law prevents AMT from allowing its non-Japan qualified attorneys to provide direct and primary advice to clients on matters of Japanese law. Accordingly, NJQ-Associates work cooperatively with our Japanese attorneys, assisting them in providing client advice.)

As of January 1, 2021, AMT has launched a Gaikokuho-Kyodo-Jigyo (Foreign Law Joint Enterprise) under the Gaiben Law of Japan as part of the further internationalization of the firm, including the appointment of non-Japan qualified lawyers as partners of AMT. This shows our commitment to the professional development and long-term career track of NJQ-Associates.

Professional Support Lawyer Positions

AMT also hires professional support lawyers ("PSLs") to work in our Tokyo office. Our PSLs are native speakers of English who have been admitted to practice law in an English speaking jurisdiction for at least two years, and who have substantial legal drafting experience in M&A, corporate, finance, capital markets or other commercial transactions.

The work of the PSLs focuses almost exclusively on ensuring that our firm's English work product, including advice, correspondence and transactional documentation, meets the highest standards of international legal practice. Work product will most commonly focus on M&A, corporate, financing and capital markets transactions, but may include other areas as our clients' or AMT’s needs dictate.

Compensation and Other Benefits

Compensation for both NJQ-Associates and PSLs is commensurate with background and experience. Calendar year bonuses may also be paid, as determined based on the work quality and gross productivity of the particular NJQ-Associate or PSL.

In the case of NJQ-Associates relocating from overseas, we are able to provide certain benefits to assist in the transition, such as airfare to Japan (covering a spouse, if accompanied), a moving allowance and a short-term hotel allowance to allow for residence-hunting upon arrival in Japan. PSLs are generally hired from among candidates already located in Japan or relocating to Japan for other reasons, and accordingly these relocation benefits do not apply.

Both NJQ-Associates (other than Gaikokuho-Jimu-Bengoshi) and PSLs are required to select and enroll in a National Health Insurance Program.

Each NJQ-Associate and PSL will be required prior to commencement of work (in the case of any NJQ-Associate relocating from overseas, prior to arrival) to obtain a visa permitting him/her to work in Japan. Our firm will assist in the preparation of most of the relevant documentation.

Application Requirements and Process

The preferred NJQ-Associate or PSL candidate is a highly qualified attorney or solicitor who has graduated with academic distinction from a top law school, and has a minimum of two years of experience with a first tier law firm in his/her home jurisdiction. Strong corporate or finance background and transactional experience are preferred. In the case of NJQ-Associates a current license to practice law in the NJQ-Associate's home jurisdiction is required; while in the case of PSLs a current license is not a requirement. In both cases, superior drafting and analytical skills are preferred.

Our NJQ-Associates perform most of their work in English. Accordingly, native speaker-equivalent fluency in written and spoken English is a requirement for all NJQ-Associates. In the case of PSLs, due to the nature of their work, only true native speakers of English with practice experience in an English speaking jurisdiction will be considered. In both cases Japanese proficiency is welcomed, but not required.

Interested applicants for positions in our Tokyo office should click "Apply" below and fill in the application form and upload a resume and a legal writing sample in English.*For those who are interested in working at our offices in Osaka and Nagoya, please note your location preference in the application form.

Positions at Overseas Offices

AMT also hires non-Japan qualified lawyers to work in its overseas offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok and associated firms in Hong Kong and Jakarta.

Lawyers in overseas offices are involved in the full range of international deals and cross border transactions, and also assist international and Japanese clients on specific legal issues, including M&A, corporate, restructuring, disputes, finance, crisis management, regulatory, competition law, labor, bankruptcy and insolvency, IP, and trade.

Applicants for a position in our overseas offices should be an experienced attorney who has graduated with academic distinction from a premier law school. He/she preferably has work experience in a first-tier law firm in his/her home jurisdiction. Japanese proficiency is welcomed, but not required.

For applicants to the Singapore office, Applicants should generally have 3-8 years PQE in a reputable Singapore law firm, with corporate law experience.

Interested applicants for positions in our overseas offices should click "Apply" below and fill in the application form and upload a resume and a legal writing sample in English.