Scam and Fraud Alert

Please be careful of suspicious calls, emails and social media postings under the name of our office, attorney or staff.

There have been reports of suspicious calls, emails, social media postings and advertisements by some person(s) using the name of our office, attorney or staff. If you respond to them, you might suffer from wire fraud, personal information leak and computer virus infection. We have not contacted you on an unsolicited basis. Please be careful.

We have also been made aware of domains similar to the genuine domain of our firm are registered. Please be aware that criminals may use them in order to carry out scams or frauds.
Our official website is www.amt-law.com, careers.amt-law.com and lp.amt-law.com.
Legitimate emails from AMT use the domain of , , or .
Emails from our website inquiry form use .
Bank account of AMT is written in the invoices (paper or PDF format). It may be a scam when the bank account is notified within in an email body, when receiving a notice of change of our bank account.

If you receive any contact from an unknown person using the name of our office, attorney or staff, we would greatly appreciate it if you could inform us at:

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