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Investing Across Borders 2010
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Investing Across Borders 2010

Sep 2010
More than 2,350 lawyers, accountants, law professors and public officials in 87 countries cooperated in the investigation for Investing Across Borders 2010, published by the World Banking Group, a report providing objective measures of foreign direct investment regulations. Our lawyers contributed by investigating the Japanese industry and regulation, etc.

Our partner, Akira Kawamura contributed to the research regarding "Starting A Foreign Business" section, our partner, Kunihiko Morishita, and our associates, Dai Iwasaki, Narumi Ito, Keiko Murasawa, Koji Umezawa, Masato Nozaki, Mitsunobu Sato, Maki Kadonaga, Maho Ozeki contributed to the "Investing Across Sectors" section, our partner, Tetsuya Ito contributed to "Accessing Industrial Land" and our partner, Naoki Iguchi contributed to "Arbitrating Commercial Disputes".

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