Japan IP & Technology Newsletter Vol.2 (June 2021)
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Japan IP & Technology Newsletter Vol.2 (June 2021)

Jun 2021
Issue June 4, 2021
Practice Areas Intellectual Property/TMT   

Newsletter【Intellectual Property】"Japan IP & Technology Newsletter Vol.2 (June 2021)" has been posted.

Outline of the 2021 amendments to the Patent Act, etc.
1. Licensee’s consent to abandonment of or correction to patent, utility model right or design right etc., is no longer required.
2. Amicus briefs may be solicited in actions for patent and utility model right infringement.
3. The JPO’s oral hearing may be held online.
4. Restoration of a right may be available unless there is an intentional lapse of a prescription period for the prosecution and maintenance of a patent, etc.
5. Expanding the scope of the act of “importation” of goods
6. Effective Dates
Outline of the 2021 Amendments to the Copyright Act
1. Introduction
2. Facilitation of Rights Processing Pertaining to Simultaneous Internet Distribution of Broadcast Programs
3. Review of Library-Related Rights Restrictions