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Getting the Deal Through - Dispute Resolution 2017 (Japan Chapter)
Articles Aug 2017

Getting the Deal Through - Dispute Resolution 2017 (Japan Chapter)

Aug 2017
Authors Akira Tanaka
Publisher Law Business Research
Issue Aug 2017
Practice Areas Dispute Resolution 
Our partner, Tetsuro Motoyoshi, and our associate, Akira Tanaka, co-authored the Japan chapter of the following publication.

"Getting the Deal Through - Dispute Resolution 2017"
(Law Business Research)

To see the article, please click on the following URL to access the Getting the Deal Through online article or download the PDF file.

Japan Dispute Resolution - Getting the Deal Through


Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. Getting the Deal Through: Dispute Resolution 2017, (published in June 2017; contributing editor: Sophie Lamb, Latham & Watkins LLP) For further information please visit https://gettingthedealthrough.com/area/9/dispute-resolution-2017