Yosuke Nishiyama

Yosuke Nishiyama


Mr. Nishiyama handles a wide range of cross-border cases. He is fluent and holds professional level competence in Japanese, English as well as Spanish.
Additionally, he holds experience in advising on compliance with various regulations and legal requirements such as data/privacy regulations, telecommunication regulations, FDI regulations, financial regulations, consumer protection regulations, labor-related regulations, both in Japan as well as overseas jurisdictions. He has advised on a variety of data breach incidents across various jurisdictions including Japan.
His core practice areas are Information Technologies, Energy, Medical Devices industries.

Nishiyama Yosuke

Practice Areas

Practice Groups

  • Asia and Emerging Countries Practice Group
  • Corporate Crisis Management Practice Group
  • Data Privacy & Digital Group
  • Corporate Transaction Group
  • Competition Law Group
  • Energy Practice Group


Mar 2012 The University of Tokyo (LL.B.)
Mar 2014 The University of Tokyo School of Law (J.D.)
2014-2015 The Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan
Jul - Aug 2019 University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy "Data and Policy Summer Scholar Program"
Jun 2020 University of Chicago Law School (LL.M.)
Jun 2020 - Jun 2022 Associated with Basham, Ringe y Correa, S.C., Mexico
* In addition to those listed in the "Publications" below, Mr. Nishiyama has also written the following newsletters regarding Latin American law.
Asia & Emerging Markets Legal Newsletter "ASIA & EMERGING COUNTRIES LEGAL UPDATE"
・ Corporate Transactions in Mexico
  (1) Outline of the Procedures and Regulations relating to Share Transfer in Mexico (July 2021)
  (2) Spin-off and Business Transfer in Mexico (April 2022)
・ General Corporate Matters in Mexico
  (1) 12 jurisdictions in Asian and emerging countries -Bankruptcy system Q&A- During the Covid-19 pandemic (Mexico part) (July 2020)
  (2) Import / Export Regulations in Mexico and US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (October 2020)
  (3) Intellectual Property Laws in Mexico -Basic concepts and recent topics- (March 2021)
  (4) Consumer Protection Law in Mexico (January 2022)
  (5) Import regulations under USMCA (March 2023)
・ Compliance Issues in Mexico
  (1) Administrative and criminal anti-corruption regulations in Mexico (January 2021)
  (2) Mexico's effort in SDGs and Environmental Laws (December 2021)
  (3) Whistleblowing System in Mexico (February 2022)
・ Labor Law in Mexico
  (1) Outline of the rules on fixed-term employment, training period etc. in Mexico (August 2021)
  (2) Change of labor dispute resolution procedures in Mexico -facing the full implementation of the new system- (September 2021)
  (3) Regulations of Labor Unions in Mexico -explanation of the 2019 amendments- (October 2021)
  (4) Regulations of Dismissal in Mexico (November 2021)
・ Regulations on Foreign Investments in Mexico
  (1) general principles and types of restricted investment (June 2021)
・ Investor-State Dispute Settlement in Mexico
  (1) The Investor-State Dispute Settlement under the EPA between Mexico and Japan (November 2022)
  (2) The Investor-State Dispute Settlement under the EPA between Mexico and Japan (April 2023)
・ Contracts in Mexico
  (1) Basics of Contract Law in Mexico (May 2021)
  (2) Basics of Contract Law in Mexico (June 2021)
  (3) Overview of Agency and/or Distributor Agreements in Mexico (March 2022)
・ Data Protection Law in Mexico
  (1) Outline of the law and processing regulations (December 2020)
  (2) Data subjects' rights and transfer regulations (February 2021)
  (3) The relationship between data controller and data processor, and the sanctions against violations (April 2021)
・ Provisional measures, proceedings, and enforcement of civil litigations in Mexico (November 2020)
・ Fintech in Mexico
  (1) Fintech Law in Mexico (December 2022)
  (2) Fintech Law in Mexico (January 2023)
  (3) Fintech Law in Mexico (February 2023)



Global Youth Forum for a Culture of Lawfulness Ministry of Justice, UNODC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, JFBA
Dec 3, 2022

Professional Admissions

  • Japan (2015)
  • New York (2022)

Professional and Academic Associations

  • Daini Tokyo Bar Association
  • Japan Association of Arbitrators
  • Japan Association of Latin America and the Caribbean


  • Japanese (first language)
  • English
  • Spanish