Kazuhilo Kikawa

Kazuhilo Kikawa


Mr. Kikawa has twelve years of experience as a public prosecutor at the Public Prosecutors’ Offices and at the Ministry of Justice. For the past eleven years, since 2012, he has been in private practice, focusing on the following areas:

[Administrative investigation defense]
Mr. Kikawa defends clients from administrative investigations in the context of various regulatory laws. He focuses on defensive strategies to avoid the issuing of serious administrative dispositions against his clients, such as revocations of their business licenses or permits, or monetary penalties. These defense strategies are implemented during client hearings, exculpatory proceedings, and provisional injunctions.

[Criminal law]
Mr. Kikawa advises his clients on a wide range of criminal matters including those related to regulations on bribery and gambling, and extradition proceedings.
He handles criminal defense especially for his English-speaking clients. He also represents his clients on criminal complaints against their executives and employees for misconduct such as embezzlement, breach of trust, and the unauthorized acquisition of trade secrets.

[Internal investigations]
Drawing on his experience as a prosecutor, Mr. Kikawa conducts investigations of internal corporate wrongdoings and malpractice. In particular, he has vast experience with product quality issues involving complex technical factors.

[Regulations on representation, advertising, and solicitation (Consumer law)]
Mr. Kikawa provides a wide range of legal services, from preventive compliance advice to administrative and criminal investigation defense, regarding matters of representation, advertising, and solicitation (consumer law), including matters governed by the Misleading Representation Act, the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act, the Medical Care Act and the Specified Commercial Transactions Act.

[Medical disputes and Healthcare-related regulations]
Based on his experience as chief prosecutor of medical affairs at the Tokyo Public Prosecutors’ Office, where he led investigations in serious medical malpractice cases, Mr. Kikawa represents medical institutions in medical disputes. He also has a great deal of experience providing advice on matters governed by medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare law and regulations, such as those governed by the Medical Care Act, the Medical Practitioners’ Act, the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act and the Health Promotion Act.

Mr. Kikawa was in charge of the 2009 amendment to the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act. Based on this experience, he is able to provide decisive advice on legal issues relating to the obtaining of visas and residence status for foreign nationals.

Kikawa Kazuhilo

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Practice Groups

  • Corporate Crisis Management Practice Group
  • Dispute Resolution Group
  • Life Sciences and Health Care Practice Group


Mar 1998 Kyoto University (LL.B.)
Apr 1998 - Mar 2000 The Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan
Apr 2000 Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office
Jun 2000 Takamatsu District Public Prosecutors Office (Investigation Department/Special Investigation Department)
Apr 2001 Naha District Public Prosecutors Office (In charge of international crime/mafia crime)
Apr 2003 Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office
Apr 2003 The Ministry of Justice, Criminal Affairs Bureau (Inmate Death Record Investigation Team)
Apr 2004 Yokohama District Public Prosecutors Office (Special Investigation Department/Trials Department)
Apr 2005 Okayama District Public Prosecutors Office (Instructor of legal trainees/In charge of international crime)
Apr 2007 The Ministry of Justice, Immigration Bureau, Adjudication Division (In charge of administrative litigation/refugee recognition)
Apr 2008 The Ministry of Justice, Immigration Bureau, Office of Counselor (In charge of 2009 immigration reform)
Apr 2010 Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office (Chief Prosecutor of Medical Affairs at Investigation Division)
Apr 2012 Registered as a private practitioner
Jul 2014 Graduate study, University of California, Berkeley, School of Law (LL.M.)
Sep 2017 Member of “Study Group on Appropriate Medical Information,” Health Policy Bureau of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
May 2018 Member of “Study Group on advertisements of massage and shiatsu practitioners, acupuncturists, moxibustion practitioners and judo therapists,” Health Policy Bureau of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare




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  • Japan (2000)

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  • Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association


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