IFLR1000 2023
Anderson Mori & Tomotsune has received high evaluations in IFLR1000 2023 and many of our lawyers have been chosen as "Leading Lawyer" in each practice area.

■Practice area (Tier 1 in all eight practice areas)
Banking (Tier 1)
Capital Markets - Debt (Tier 1)
Capital Markets - Equity (Tier 1)
Capital Markets - Structured Finance and Securitisation (Tier 1)
M&A (Tier 1)
Private equity (Tier 1)
Project Development (Tier 1)
Project Finance (Tier 1)

■Leading Lawyers
Isao Shindo (Capital markets : Structured finance and securitisation)
Harume Nakano (Practice areas - Capital markets : Structured finance and securitisation, REIT, Industry sectors - Financial services, Real estate)
Tsutomu Miyano (Capital markets, Private equity, M&A)
Kenichi Masuda (Practice areas - Private equity, M&A, Industry sectors - Real estate)
Takashi Akahane (Banking)
Hiroaki Takahashi (Practice areas - Capital markets : Structured finance and securitisation, Industry sectors - Energy, Real estate, Mining)
Hironori Shibata (Capital markets : Equity)
Atsushi Komase (Capital markets : Debt and Equity)
Hiroki Kodate (M&A)
Minoru Kobayashi (Capital markets : Debt)
Takuo Hirose (Capital markets : Debt and Equity)
Reiji Takahashi (Project development, Project finance)
Yoshimasa Dan (M&A)
Keiko Kaneko (M&A)
Kazuhiro Yoshii (Capital markets : Equity, M&A)
Michi Yamagami (Private Equity, M&A)
Satoshi Inoue (Banking, Capital markets : Structured finance and securitisation)
Ko Wakabayashi (M&A)
Yasuyuki Kuroda (Capital markets : Debt and Equity)
Tomoki Debari (Practice areas - Banking, M&A, Industry sectors - Insurance)
Norifumi Takeuchi (Practice areas - Project finance, Industry sectors - Energy, Real estate)
Mari Ito (Banking and finance)
Yuhki Tanaka (M&A)
Hiroto Ando (Capital markets : Equity, M&A)
Kunihiro Yokoi (Project Development, Project finance)
Ryo Kotoura (M&A)
Kagayaki Funakoshi (Capital markets : Debt and Equity, M&A, Real estate acquisitions, REIT)
Moegi Shirakawa (Capital markets : Debt and Equity)
Shintaro Takeoka (Capital markets : Equity, M&A)
Tsunaki Nishimura (Capital markets : Equity, M&A)
Yoichiro Yukimura (M&A)
Yuki Kohmaru (Banking and finance)
Tomoyuki Oka (Practice areas - Capital markets : Equity, M&A, REIT, Industry sectors - Real estate)
Daisuke Tanimoto (Capital markets : Debt)
Raku Raku (Private equity, M&A)
Tomoya Shinjo (Private equity, M&A)
Osamu Hirakawa (Capital markets, M&A)
Masaakira Kitazawa (Capital markets, Banking, Private equity, M&A)