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IBA Annual Conference 2011

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IBA Annual Conference 2011

Date/Time Oct 30 - Nov 4, 2011
Organiser IBA (International Bar Association)
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The International Bar Association's Annual Conference 2011, was held from October 30 to November 4, 2011 in Dubai.

Three of our partners participated as the panel speakers in the following sessions:

Ryu Umezu
Presented by Energy, Environment and Natural Resources and Infrastructure Law Section (SEERIL)
"Legal fallout of nuclear disasters - a close look at the legal issues surrounding the tragic events occurring with the Fukushima reactors in Japan in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami of 11 March 2011"

Takashi Toichi
Presented by the Corporate and M&A Law Committee
"Current legal developments"

Naoki Iguchi
Presented by the  LPD Showcase Committee
"In-house counsel: legal professional privilege"

Ko Hanamizu 
Presented by IBA Task Force on the Financial Crisis
"Recapitalising financial institutions in distress - can it really work?"