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Our partners Akihito Nakamachi, Akira Moriwaki, Hiroshige Nakagawa participated in the "China-International Forum" hosted by the Legal Media Group in Beijing, China on June 30 2010. Law experts from the United States, Europe and Japan, as well as Chinese enterprises and experts in Intellectual Property Law were invited. Our firm was the only Japanese law firm that participated in this Forum among the speakers.

Akihito Nakamachi made a presentation entitled "Dealing with Challenging IP Issues in Acquiring Japanese Companies & IP Assets -- How to Conduct IP Due Diligence Effectively and Align IP Strategy with Business Strategy." Akira Moriwaki and Hiroshige Nakagawa together with Ji Jun from Broad & Bright held a panel discussion regarding litigation strategies and special issues in M&As involving significant IP assets in Japan.

For further details on Akihito Nakamachi's speech, please see the following PDF file.