Regarding Work System in the Future Based on Measures Against the COVID-19

Regarding Work System in the Future Based on Measures Against the COVID-19

Jul 1, 2020 Others
In response to the spread of the 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19), our firm has set up a response team to deal with any new developments. We have taken measures in consideration of the safety of our clients, business partners and personnel in advance. Even after May 25 when the government lifted the state of emergency declaration across Japan, in consideration of the safety of our personnel, we have continued the work from home system for our personnel in the Tokyo office. However, we will implement the following measures from July 1 (Wed).

・Combination of Increased Frequency of Personnel Coming to the Office and Working from Home
With effect from July 1, 2020 (Wed), we will slowly increase the percentage of our personnel working in the office. Simultaneously, our personnel will still be able to work from home to the extent that it does not interfere with their work.
Even in the case of working from home, you may still contact the office email address and the direct phone number of the attorney or patent attorney in charge of your matter. We may not be able to answer your call in a timely manner, but we will return your call wherever possible.

・Non face-to-face Conferences and Meetings
We will continue to conduct conferences, internal meetings and external meetings with clients non face-to-face (by online or telephone conference, etc.) as much as possible. In addition, we will also refrain from holding face-to-face seminars.

・Recommendation for staggered working hours and thorough implementation of measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 such as by having our personnel wear a mask at all times
We will thoroughly implement measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as ensuring that our personnel take their temperature before coming into the office, recommending our personnel stagger their working hours when going back to work in order to avoid rush hour, having our personnel wear a mask at all times in the office, having them wash their hands and use hand sanitizer, and ensuring that social distancing is carried out.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause our clients and business partners, and we kindly ask you for your understanding.

Our firm will continue to promptly implement measures based on the policies and action plans of the national and local governments, giving the highest priority to preventing the spread of COVID-19, and ensuring the safety of all personnel.

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