Akira Moriwaki

Chief Representative of Shanghai Office
  1. 81-3-6888-1055 (Tokyo)
    86-21-6160-2311 (Shanghai)
  2. 81-3-6888-3055 (Tokyo)
    86-21-6160-2312 (Shanghai)


Akira Moriwaki's legal practice in China first began in 1998, back when doing so was still a relatively rarity amongst Japanese lawyers. He continued to practice in Beijing until 2007, during which time, he dealt with a large variety of legal issues encountered by Japanese companies then entering into the Chinese market. Although the main focus of his work continues to remain in China related business matters, since returning to Japan he has used his unique experiences to widen his areas of interest to include other Asian jurisdictions, such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Singapore and Myanmar. Akira is highly experienced in a wide range of fields, such as green-field direct investment into Asian jurisdictions, M&A, private equity and Competition law. Through over a decade of experience, he has come to be recognized as one of the foremost and most experienced Japanese lawyers in international trade issues, such as anti-dumping and countervailing duty. For over 3 years, Akira has provided invaluable support to Japan's ODA project relating to the promulgation of Chinese Company law, Competition law and other distribution regulations, and he was also involved in the promulgation of Tort Law of China.
Since 2009, he has been conducting lectures in Mandarin Chinese as a visiting professor at Renmin University of China (RUC) Law School.
In December 2012, he was ranked first in the "overall ranking" and second in the "companies choice ranking" under the Foreign Law division of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun "Most active lawyer of the year" awards.

Practice Groups

・Corporate Transactions
・Competition Law
・China Practice
・Energy Practice
・Asia and Emerging Countries Practice


Books and Articles Authored in Japanese:
"New Third Board - Overview, Current Situation, and Potential -" BTMU China Monthly (July 2017) (co-author)
"Key Points for Negotiation when ending Business Relationship with a Chinese Company" The Lawyers (November 2015)
"Common Key Points in the Legal Risk Management of Antidumping, Antitrust and Anticorruption Matters" The Lawyers (October 2014)
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"Promulgation of ‘Provisions on Mergers and Splits of Foreign Investment Enterprises' in P.R. China," International Business Law, Vol. 27, No. 12 (December 1999) (co-author)
Professional Lectures:
New Year Seminar 2017 "How to Sell Our Products in Chinese Market" (observer)  (Japan-China Economic Exchange Association) (Japanese) (January 2017)
"Recent Legal Practices in China - Light and Shadow, Front and Back, from the Perspective of a Resident Attorney in China" (Japanese Association for Business Recovery, Asia Committee for Business Recovery) (Japanese) (November 2015)
"The Current Status of Crowdfunding in Japan" (Guiyang Municipal Pepole's Government, China Banking Association, The World Crowdfunding Conference) (Mandarin) (October 2015)
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"Recent Developments in Competition Law Cases of the Two Major Emerging Countries, China and India" (AM&T Seminar) (Japanese) (November 2014)
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"White Collar Crime in Cross-Border Investments – The Sustainability of Compliance," (IPBA 2014 Vancouver Annual Meeting & Conference) (English) (May 2014)
"The Practice of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone - The situation where two months have passed since the establishment and the proposal for the strategic use," (Business Research Institute) (Japanese) (February 2014)
"Legal Issues in Entering the Myanmar Market in the Form of a Joint Venture -Study on the Know-How to Establish a Joint Venture and the Valid and Effective Provisions in Joint-Venture Agreement-," (Japanese) (January 2014)
"Growing businesses in the Chinese and the ASEAN market," (panelist) (Asia Innovators' Initiative (AII), Asia Innovation Forum (AIF) 2013) (Japanese) (December 2013)
"Practical points in ASEAN business both from the business and legal experts' perspective - focusing on Thai & Malaysia," (ASEAN-related joint seminar) (Japanese) (December 2013)
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Recent Media:
"AMT – Facilitating two-way business between Japan, China and key Asian jurisdictions," The Japan Times, World Eye Reports Shanghai (April 2017)


Keio University (LL.B., 1992)
Beijing Language and Cultural University (Language Training)
China University of Political Science and Law (non-degree graduate course)

Professional Admissions

Japan (1995)

Professional and Academic Associations

・Dai-ni Tokyo Bar Association
・International Bar Association
・Inter-Pacific Bar Association
・Adjunct Lecturer (Graduate School of Business Sciences, University of Tsukuba, December 2004 - January 2005; January 2007-February 2007; March 2008; January 2009 - February 2009)
・Visiting Professor, Renmin University of China Law School (April 2009 - present)
・Arbitrator, Shanghai International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (Shanghai International Arbitration Center) (December 2014 - present)
・Part-time Lecturer, Keio University, Law School (April 2017 - present)


・Japanese (first language)
・Chinese (Mandarin)